While in Dollylocks country….


Im on a continuing education holiday here in St. Pete Florida! Dollylocks methods, along with their amazing product line,has been evolving beautifully.

Im creating this blog to show  the work Ive observed and created while in the store…including bottle labeling!!!

Alin Leslie, owner and operator of Dollylocks store and product line, has her product filling/container labeling operation in a separate room behind the salon which is very efficient and interesting…Fascinating things going on behind the chair and behind the salon service area. She can complete a brand new set of natural dreads and then walk 20 feet and label 100 containers, and pack 70 shipping crates following that!

I want to be clear that I was mostly observing on this trip, so the dreadlock work in this blog is primarily completed by either Alin or Caylin.

If you are reading this as a professional or student in the cosmetology industry, you should consider coming for training as you will not be sorry…they teach so well!

When I come visit I also enjoy a trek or two at Sawgrass park…so… I included a few gators and water critter in the gallery 🙂 *enjoy*


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