Synthetic Dreadlocks

Synth dreads attached to 2 inch long hair and worn for 12 weeks at the time this photo was taken…I recommend maintenance every 8 weeks, but this held up beautifully anyhow.
Freshly installed wavy synth dreads attached to her 2-inch long natural hair.

Synth dreads creation/installation requires 2 -3 inches of natural hair to anchor the synth hair onto. Synth dreads are a hair extension style that can be worn to facilitate natural lock development. You can also wear synth dread extensions and AVOID natural lock creation. Average request full head installs usually take at least 7 hours to complete. Maintenance on full head installs usually occurs every 2 months and takes 3 hours. I can create synth dreads on or off the head, depending on the desired result, and simply what will work best for the individual. Synth dreads created off the scalp will save the client about 4 chair hours ( in case you dislike sitting). I can create prior to service either skinnier double end or thicker single end synth dreads that are optimal for pinch braid attachments. *Whether you choose thicker single ended dreads OR skinny doubles, the exact SAME amount of fiber is used per dread.

Sometimes it works better to create on the head, This really depends on the individual’s desired outcome as well as what kind of time I can create for the project. *Your hair sits under the extension, that means, your hair is a part of the result. I rely on careful color blending to camouflage your natural hair since I can’t remove your natural hair from the situation. If you want all your natural, loose hair contained in a lock formation, than you need to consider natural dreadlocks, a win, OR a different installation method. Synth dread extensions are a hair extension service that creates the illusion of natural dreadlocks.

Rattlesnake lake 2008. Synth dreads created to look like this individuals natural locks. Natural hair was 3 inches at this time.
morton salt girl
morton salt girl – 2009 Rattlesnake Lake – model Catamara captured by Rich Helzerman. Synth dread fillers in turquiose and violet to match the length of 24 inch long black natural dreads
chris 1
Pocky (Chris) Clyptic by the train in downtown Snoqualmie capture by Rich Helzerman. Chris has a mohawk I attached red/orange/yellow synth dreads onto. Some synth fiber was cut short and left loose to create the idea of a flame.
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