Synth dreads in blackened browns

Installed in Seattle on a work binge weekend. After consulting over email with a couple photos, I created more than enough synth to accommodate different scenarios. She had recently tinted to black, but had a couple inches of virgin new growth that was described as a chestnut brown. I used Doctored Locks Artist Fiber synth hair in the following colors: off black, chocolate, chestnut, walnut, cocoa, flaxen ( just a scoche of flaxen). This color convergence allowed for many possibilities within the natural hair’s color scheme from natural growth in mid brown to black that had been tinted and even the natural lighter brown and dark brown highlights that occur in natural hair. I created around 70 skinny double synth dreads using ┬áthis rich 6 color myriad in various lengths to end up with a natural layered look.

  • a skinny double dreadlock is a two legged synth dread that uses the same amount of fiber that a single leg synth dread uses but instead of the full bulk being combined into one leg it is divided into to thinner legs.
  • A pre made skinny double can save about 4 hours in the chair. I can absolutely create synth dreads right on your head, however, if you have a time crunch ┬áto accommodate pre made skinny doubles can be an effective choice since it cuts your chair by 50 %!!!!
  • skinny doubles add more movement and volume, thicker single leg synth dreads are also voluminous and depthy, but not as much as skinny doubles…each has slightly different awesome qualities. I offer both methods to accommodate many types of requests.
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