Synth dreads adorned with sparkles beads and antique buttons

This is a skinny double synth dread in chocolate brown. It can be pinch braided onto natural hair, or a natural dreadlock AND it can be attached by way of classic double end attachment, I would recommend a blanket stitch braid so the natural hair attachment stays up near the root and doesn’t take any of the bead’s or button’s thunder 🙂 I use two kinds of string/thread. The thicker string is a bonded nylon  type I purchase from either  or I sew it through the length of the synth lock where I will end attaching the sparkly pretties. This provides a secure base for attachment. I also use the bonded nylon to attach those gorgeous , rare, and expensive antique tribal buttons. I use a much finer nylon beading thread and size 10,11 beading needles to anchor all those little sparkle seed and Swarovski type  sparkley beads. These adorned synths can be worn well for many months. I was pretty tough on my own and they held up swimmingly for 14 months in perpetuity.  I still have them and keep them around for a future install since I don’t know when a beaded dread mood will strike. They take me about 60-90 minutes to create after I have the dread base done and the supplies assembled. I would love to offer a class in this, although I know I need to dial in the details… So, for now…. I’m creating and will likely sell on my etsy site. My etsy store is   called “Fiercelocksinc” and is run my me, Dreadful Jonquil or Jonquil Dreadful . Thanks for reading, feel free to ask questions about where to buy  supply stuff if you are interested in further details.

IMG_3824 IMG_3817 IMG_3818 IMG_3819 IMG_3820 IMG_3821 IMG_3822 beaded synth dread

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