Synth Dreads are wearable art


In MY words, synth dreads are a customizable art form utilizing synthetic hair fiber, skilled hands, and imagination to create an alternative hair expression.Synth dreads can appear completely naturally grown or appear obviously cosmetic. They can be a barrage of  coiled electric unicorn colors or  take on the subtle palette of a soft stained wood grain.

If you have at least 2 inches of natural hair, fiercelocks can attach synth fiber, by way of string sealed pinch braid, and create a head full of dreads that appear to have taken years to establish but look naturally gown by you. Most full heads require an 8 hours day to complete.

*Be warned, this style looks amazing and is easy to adorn  and care for PLUS looks good every day just waking up and rolling out of bed….blah blah blah… The downsides are that it  can be heavy, hot, and itchy…OVERWHELMING EVEN…like relentless tentacles… Buyer beware and do your research. You don’t get your money back if you take em out the next day because sleeping was uncomfortable. Additionally, if you hate compliments and attention, you should avert your thoughts to somethings more contained.

That being  said right up front, talk to me because i’m very good at assisting people in finding the right balance for them. Length, density, amount… I can offer helpful suggestions to obtain the most impact with the most comfort and ease. Achieving success in this is not about going big or going home, it’s about striking the correct balance, appropriate for the individual.

Synth dreads , like most extensions, are going too be the most comfortable and look the very best if they are tightened every 2 months. Thats approx 1 inch of growth for most humans. Humans vary. Typical full head tightenings take 3 hours to tighten.

Can synth dreads become real dreads? like Pinnochio became a real boy? NO, synth dreads do not become real dreads…synth fiber does not “dread” into natural hair. Instead, this smoke and mirrors transference  occurs because of a natural biological function of the hair called SHEDDING…*ding ding ding*…We SHED about 200 hairs a day and while wearing extensions sealed with string, the string holds all your shed hair inside of the coinciding lock of hair. Your dreadlocks are actually SHED locks! With ongoing regular maintenance, your lock of shed is supported and allowed to perpetuate  itself over a LONG period of time. For instance, with about 2 years of synth dread extension wear, you will cultivate natural locks that are approx 12 inches long! During that time, you appear to have had natural dread locks for years already.

Synth dreads are wearable art imitating life…potentially,the future life of your natural dreadlocks.

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