pinchbraid hair extensions for volume and length

Create length & volume with Brushable Pinchbraid hair extensions: Pinchbraid Hair Extensions For Volume & Length

Pinchbraid Hair Extensions create Volume & Length

Volume, length plus color and texture achieved with pinchbraid hair extensions! Create drama that is soft, brushable and gentle to your natural hair.

pinchbraid hair extensions volume and length
colorful synth accents on left; 3/4’s  head of length and fullness on right.

Why does Fiercelocks offer this method?

This is a low profile, hand-tied method that is gentle on hair while offering dynamic results. Nylon bonded string seals each attachment securely for predictable wear.

pinchbraid hair extensions length and volume
Custom tinted by fiercelocks. 18-inch length addition full head pinchbraid service.

How long can this style be worn?

Wear with all extension types maintains at 6-8 week intervals. Finer textures will need maintenance more frequently.

pinchbraid hair extensions volume length
Jonquil Dreadful wearing pinchbraids which attach long custom tinted curls

Natural and synthetic supplies are available

Natural hair comes in a plethora of colors and textures and your extension supply is often reused. Professional quality synthetic fiber is also available in many colors and is best for adding pops of color. A consult is necessary to determine what supplies you’ll need.

Creating Thicker Hair

Adding 2 to 4 rows of individual attachments will add volume to an average head of hair. If your hair is shoulder length and longer creating thicker hair with the pinchbraid method will take between 3 and 5 hours.

Creating Longer Hair

Adding 8 plus rows of pinchbraids can take 9 hours. This is a full head service or an “almost” full head meaning you might be leaving your fringe/bangs out for face framing.