Partial Head custom synth dread service

I created 20 synth dreads from shapeshifter mono fiber in a palette specific to this client’s request. The length is 18-22 inch and colors are Chestnut, Walnut, and Irish Cream.  This service took about 3 hours total from start to finish  and we used 16 of the 20 synth dreads created. I pre created the synth dreads, which required a couple of hours for shuffling the colors as well as to blend, sculpt and seal the fiber. Everything I use must be pinch braid attachable, so I create my stock according to client’s specs.

It took about an hour to section this arrangement and attach each piece. I used a matching color of string to adhere the synth dreads to the hair. The pinch braid method uses NO glues, NO metal, No elastics… just string and skill.

I recommend maintenance every 6 weeks if natural locking/matting or other combining of the hair is to be avoided. With consistent maintenance, it will only take about 30 – 40 minutes to tighten this arrangement.