Natural dreadlocks – A collection of trapped hair shed

A natural dreadlock occurs because daily hair shed becomes trapped within a lock of natural hair and is allowed to stay in place and harden. Therefore natural dreadlocks form first nearest to the scalp.
Certain types of string work very well to consistently trap and bind natural hair shed, It is recommended that a base tie service occur every 2 months, or 1 inch of growth so that new growth and natural shed remain bound within the hardening lock.
The most direct method of natural dreadlock creation is completed using a chemical saturation tool – also known as a locking system. The natural hair is sectioned,bound,formed, rod wound, and finally, processed with special solutions. The result is immediate formed natural dreadlocks.


 locking system process
locking system process

These brand new dreadlocks are very soft and will take at least a year to harden up well.
Natural hair must be at least 6 inches to be properly formed. Natural hair longer than 14-16 inches will incur additional cost forming and processing. Having extra dense hair will also take more time and supply completing this service.
With consistent maintenance every 2 months, it is reasonable to expect your natural dreadlocks to increase in length by about 6 inches a year.

Wearing anchor braid attachment extensions is another effective way to cultivate natural dreadlocks. Usually people preferring this approach will have synth dreads installed and maintained regularly while their natural dreadlocks form. The synthetic dreadlock extension are installed to intentionally  sit on top of your natural hair, therefore with proper color blending, your natural hair is camouflaged underneath the extension.
One of the draws to this approach is that you only need have about 3 inches of natural hair to attach extensions onto. Another draw, Within about 8 hours you have a full head of dreadlocks that appear to be at least 5 years mature. Long, voluminous, epic!…immediate.
When using a hair extension to allow a dreadlock to form, upkeep will be necessary about every 2 months. Expect that you will have 12 inches of hardened natural dreadlock after about 2 years of perpetual wear and consistant maintenance.


synth dreads used to cultivate natural dreads
synth dreads used to cultivate natural dreads
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