basetie natural dreadlock maintenance

basetie maintenance to tidy and strengthen natural dreadlocks: Basetie Method Dreadlock Maintenance

base tie maintenance natural dreadlocks
Basetie maintenance natural dreadlocks. Notice, you cannot detect the sparely applied string at the base, but you can detect the overall neatness and strength of the locks.
Long natural dreadlocks
Long natural dreadlocks image summer 2015… begun in winter 2007 by way of regularly maintained synth dreads service
base tie string
basetie string

 First off, Applying a basetie

A basetie utilizes specially designed string and a professionally developed knot sequence bind your naturally shed hair into it’s coinciding lock. Neatly bound, Your dreadlock hardens over time.

Basetie maintenance and natural dreadlock development

Along with time and natural pressures like air and water this bound lock of shed hair hardens and becomes a single compacted unit known as a dreadlock.   To reiterate, a dreadlock is a  hardened, compacted collection of shed hair nothing more, nothing less. Dread maintenance gathers your loose new growth at the base which supports strong bases. Linear shape development is also facilitated by this form of maintenance.

Basic dreadlock maintenance is recommended every 8-12 weeks.

Maintain every 1-1.5 inches of new growth to ensure that all hair shed is captured in perpetuity. Regular maintenance results in a linear dreadlock formation.

grow strong natural dreadlocks with assistance from a basetie
Basetie dread maintenance secures loose hair and strengthens natural dreadlock bases

Personalized Service

Fiercelocks offers many shades of nylon bonded string. Blondes, browns, black, auburns, as well as specialty colors,  EVEN grey shades are available.

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