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Basetie Natural Dreadlock Maintenance with String: Natural Dreadlock Basetie Maintenance with String

Dreadlock Maintenance with String

First off, natural dreadlock maintenance completes effectively using string to create a basetie. A basetie is a knot sequence made using nylon bonded string.

Basetie String

basetie string for natural dreadlock maintenance
basetie string in dark brown nylon bonded special weight

Fiercelocks offers  basetie maintenance

The next thing you should know is that a  basetie provides neatness and stability to natural dreads. The low profile knot sequence done with specially created string offers attractive and comfortable results.

Length of an appointment

Also important is that most appointments will take 60-90 minutes to complete. If you receive regular maintenance you would likely experience a shorter appointment time. If you have never had this type of maintenance you might schedule 90 minutes to 120 minutes.

basetie natural dreadlock maintenance basetie string
finely tuned finger skills create neat and tidy natural locks dreadlock maintenance done with basetie string at 6 month intervals. About 60 minutes each appointment.

Frequency of Professional Maintenance

Every 8-12 weeks is  standard and services every 1-1.5 inches of new growth. Keeping your dreadlock base stable with string is a key to lock longevity. Therefore, when a basetie fulfills its purpose it removes easily at your following maintenance appointment.

Discomfort during service

You might experience mild discomfort at first due to tension. People who maintain regularly do not experience  very much, if any, pain. Mild painkillers like ibuprofen are effective if you have a more tender head. This is a minimally invasive technique. You will not experience pulling or ripping of any kind. You will experience a gentle tugging sensation at the base of each lock.

Grown Together locks

Locks that have grown together swill require separation. Rest assured,  I have gentle hands. I will  separate dreads as needed. Repairs are necessary and to assist with that, I am a dreadlock repair specialist. Important to note, repair can add time to a basic appointment.

Dry dreads are easier to work with

Finally, please come to your appointment with dry hair. You are welcome to shampoo afterwards if you wish. You may also shampoo prior to your appointment. In any event,  please dry thoroughly for your service. This process is smooth on dry hair.

This sequence shows prior, during and post maintenance

The first frame below shows fuzzy new growth. From top left to top right you see how I work upwards from the nape. In the third frame you see I’m near the face and almost finished. Final frame shows you a completed lock tidying process.

natural dreadlock maintenance basetie string
Basic baseties and separating the natural dreads  took about 2 hours. The string is matching the base of the natural lock and removes easily if the client changes hair color. This client receives service  annually.
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