dreadperm new baby dreads

Dreadperm creates natural dreadlocks: Dreadperm Natural Dreadlocks Creation Fiercelocks professional technique

Fiercelocks prefers a dreadperm method for natural dreadlocks creation.

Natural dreadlocks creation using a dreadperm technique is as follows:  section, form, base tie, rod wind, saturate and rinse.Brand new soft natural dreads aka *baby dreads* create within 4-6 hours with an average head of hair.

Your dream dread dreadlocks are still a few years away.

Your soft baby dreads will firm up over the next several months and take recognizable dreadlocks form over the next couple years. This is to say that the dreadlocks of your dreams are a few years away. The dread perm is an effective way to begin the process.

Dreadperm service includes a basetie

so that you begin shed collection immediately. The string acts as a binder to capture your hair shed inside its coinciding lock. Your hair shed is the heart of your dreadlocks and regular maintenance keeps your lock neatly intact. Base tie maintenance occurs every 8-12 weeks and most appointments take an hour.

Below are some image samples of a dreadperm

dread perm basic service
Classic dreadperm Service natural light blonde hair section, basetie, rod wind resulting in baby dreadlocks.
baby dreadlocks with dreadperm
Basic dreadperm 5-hour service. section, form, base tie, not pictured is the rod wind, resulting baby dreadlocks are the image far left.

Do they stay wavy like that?

No. they do not. Dreadlocks harden, mature, and relax to a straight dense lock.

Will I lose length?

Probably, not everyone does, many people do because of the compacting and hardening process that takes place naturally.

How fast will dreads become long?

Hair grows about 1/2 inch per month on average. In three or four years your dreads will show a substantial length gain.

Does the dreadperm hurt?

You may experience some discomfort due to the new tension on your head. Consider taking a mild painkiller if you are healthy and are able to do so.

Can my six-year-old child get a dreadperm?

This is an hours-long specialty service. Fiercelocks no longer offers service to those under 18.  For wee ones and young adults under 18, please inquire elsewhere.

Can I make them long immediately with dread extensions?

Absolutely, the very same day if you like! With pre-ordered supply and about 4 more hours lengthens the average head.

Can I add colorful accents and fullness immediately?

By all means, with pre-ordered supply, each set of ten synth dreads adds about an hour of time to your service.

supply for dread fill and length
Professional monofiber Shapeshifter by Doctored locks for enhancing natural dreadlocks
dreadperm and accent color fillout
pinchbraid attachment to fill out and accent natural dreadlocks after dreadperm
 about 10 synth fill out dreads
Starting with average density average length hair a dreadperm begins natural dreadlocks and synthetic hair accents with color and fullness

Eyes on the Prize

Below are some images of mature dreads that began using the dreadperm method.

7 year old dreadperm basetie dreadlock maintenance
long natural 7 year mature dreadlocks begun with dreadperm maintained using a basetie which is  nylon bonded string at the base of each dread
17 years after a dreadperm
dreadperm 17 years mature ! basetie dread maintenance takes about 75 minutes on  well kept locks
bleach&tone dreadlocks
Natural dreads begun with dreadperm, cropped blunt regularly. Basetie maintenance annually. bleach and tone.
natural dreads a decade after dreadperm
A decade of dread growing. begun with a dreadperm. Basetie maintenance  completed annually.





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