Natural dreadlock creation with 10 synth fillers

Within 7 hours on a Sunday I assisted in a total hair transformation that was several years in the making. He had been considering dreads for the better part of a decade. Growing his hair, obtaining optimal length…as well as considering what is involved in the long term with dreadlock care and cultivation.
We met over Skype initially for the consult,which was a very cool experience!I got to see his hair in action, live… we got to have a low pressure informative convo in the comfort of our livings rooms… which are 4.5 hours distance apart. After gathering information on why I do things the way I do em, and feeling confident in my service provisions, we agreed on a date.
I begin my process of natural locks creation right at the middle of the nape, sectioning,backcombing, and string binding.
When all locks have been formed and bound, I wind the future dreads around plastic dowels ( perm rods) to keep tension even during the texture reconstruction that takes place during an organic locking system.
Two days before the event, I was asked if I could create some highlight synth dreads….something beachy that would look natural but obvious and interesting. He sent a photo in a text message to remind me the color, as well as suggesting colors from the doctored locks site’s color swatches. I picked up platinum, flaxen, and summer…I did not use summer…but, you never know. I mixed flaxen with platinum to create about 10 synth highlights.
I recommend getting your fillers tightened every 2 months, same as basic dread maintenance.

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