Human Hair Extensions *Brushable*

sev human hair extensions
natural bobbed haircut prior to human hair extensions adding 18 inches;Custom tint by me

Human hair can be purchased according to client specs and used to add volume and/or length to someone’s current natural hair. Fiercelocks uses a pinch braid attachment method to affix single extensions to each tiny section of natural hair. These need to be brushed daily from tip to attachment point to keep free of tangles. I recommend a product called Goldwell Kerasilk Treatment to assist with control and manageability. I also recommend an extension paddle brush as well as an extension LOOP brush from Doctored locks dot com. Hair extensions like these should be tightened at 8 week intervals at least, sometimes 6 weeks if the hair is a finer texture. Filling out for volume might take 2.5 plus hours to complete *filling out adds NO LENGTH, I repeat, NO LENGTH on a volume adding fill out – adding length is a  different service. Adding length – any length at all, which subsequently also adds volume, requires 5.5 plus hours for application plus shaping. Regular maintenance requires much less time assuming your hair is well kept. Consulting will be necessary to determine which supplies need to be sourced and acquired. * Human hair supply is nothing short of expensive* however, nice quality human hair can be reused …sometimes for up to 12 months with fastidious care.

2014-07-29 22.55.26 gen hair xts
Genevieve with 24-inch human hair extensions cut in an A-line shape; custom tinted by me.
pixie finished 001
Jenny with 12-inch human hair xts, custom tinted and cut in a bob.
2009-12-19 December 2009
myself – Dreadful Jonquil – two styles of human hair extensions …I have a loose wave to my fine hair, but I LOVE curly hair extensions when I don the brushable type.
2014-09-12 11.42.56
super ringleted 24-inch hair extensions. These arrived platinum blonde, I tinted to an ombre green to gray
human hair extensions *brushable*
human hair extensions
*brushable* Jenny prior with short hair wearing a few synth streaks and post a head full of human hair to make a curly bob
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