fiercelocks professional instruction pinchbraid basetie

Fiercelocks artisanal hair architecture basetie pinchbraid professional instruction: Fiercelocks Professional Instruction Basetie Pinchbraid

Professional Instruction of Fiercelocks Techniques

Artisanal hair architecture by Fiercelocks is a professional instruction set of time tested string-based  tools. Jonquil’s unique  basetie is the foundation skill element. From that, we build our pinchbraid technique used for hair extension attachment.

Topics In addition to the basic basetie and pinchbraid

In support of your newfound skillset, It’s important to know where and how to source your supplies. Also important is understanding how to market your service offerings online. Service menu design takes the guess work out of pricing and timing. Jonquil knows her business backwards, forwards, inside, and out.

In late May of 2016, Jonquil passed her Washington state cosmetology instructor exam!

Not just 25 years a licensed cosmetologist Miss Dreadful is also a certified cosmetology instructor. As both a student and an educator she has experienced success. Hairdressers in her community practice her techniques successfully on a regular basis.

She teaches licensed cosmetologists

Jonquil has taken the time and  placed forth the effort that earned her several legal certifications in the cosmetology industry. Basic knowledge of hair, the scalp, and sanitation is important. A licensed cosmetologist is already an experienced professional. Therefore having a firm foundation to build from   Fiercelocks professional instruction  is a fantastic way to level up your experience.

For more information on receiving  professional instruction

Please contact Jonquil Elise Dreadful of Fiercelocks. She provides service at locations in Seattle and Tacoma. Teaching studio information is yet to come.

Fiercelocks Professional Instruction basetie pinchbraid
artisanal hair architecure being taught in Rincon Puerto Rico Fall 2015

A very mobile teaching unit

The image above shows a rare teaching opportunity.Hearing about potential interest, Jonquil packed her bag full of teaching supplies. Puerto Rico is hot, so clothing was overkill anyhow. In an effort to test her basic curriculum, she was fortunate to attract the interest of two students. To summarize, basic lock maintenance was the point of interest in this photo.