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Fiercelocks Education Background & Professional Cosmetology Certification

My name is Jonquil Elise Dreadful and I own Fiercelocks.  I have been a licensed cosmetology professional since 1993. I work out of two hair salons. In Tacoma at Honeycomb Salon on 6th Ave.  AND  in Seattle out of Tigerlily Salon on 15th Ave. in the Interbay area.

I hold professional certifications in the following:
  • State of Michigan Cosmetology – 1993 to current
  • State of Washington Cosmetology – 1997 to current
  • cosmetology Industry Association of British Columbia -2015 to current
  • International Certification of Hairdressing (IPSN) – 2015
  • State of Washington Instructor of Cosmetology – 2016 to current

I have completed the following  specialty training:

  •  2005  – Introduction to the following: pinchbraiding hair extension technique, basetie dreadlock maintenance, dreadperm technique, weave technique for hair extending, synthetic dreadlock extensions, natural dread extending and filling out with synthetic hair.
  • Doctored locks 2006 – Introduction to varieties of extension supplies and techniques, clip in dread weave creation, intermediate hair architecture techniques, intro to wig varieties, intermediate building and blending with hair extensions, intermediate synthetic hair shuffling, blending, and re-texturing.
  •  Dollylocks 2007 – Advanced micro pinchbraid attachment method for human hair, synthetic hair and synthetic dreadlocks, advanced locking system and dreadperm for natural dread creation, an advanced basetie technique for basic natural dread maintenance, intermediate crocheted dreadlock method for creation, maintenance and reintegration on natural locks, advanced micro weave technique for hair extending.

I originally graduated from Huron Valley Beauty Academy

where I attended cosmetology instruction part-time, during high school, between 1991 and 1993. After I graduated, I worked at Campus Barber and Beauty salon in downtown Ann Arbor near U of M, practicing barbering and precision shaping techniques.

I relocated to Seattle, Wa.  in 1997

where I toggled my young family along with a variety of part-time gigs that I created for myself for both income and entertainment. I ran a natural food co-op out of my garage. I dabbled in ATS style dance and the technique and costuming that go into it. I fostered dogs and puppies for a local rescue while creating a hairdressing business that catered to families. I even baked and sold cheesecakes for a short time.

After my kids were in school more, and I had a little more time, I decided to recreate my occupation identity…I wanted to do hair on a larger scale incorporating more art and individuality. Inspired by ATS dance, and the hair grandeur that brought, I decided dreadlocks and extensions would be a burgeoning area of expertise to implore and from that impetus, I invoked “Fiercelocks”.

I attended Hairpolice

in Minneapolis, early 2005, to take a 3-day intro course to dreads&extensions. After that, I hit the practice board hard and experimented on anyone willing. I did this while working  ( cuts&colors) at Scream “a barbershop” in the Ballard neighborhood in Seattle. I was able to slowly incorporate my new offerings into my established professional offerings and began to build a specialty clientele.

Hungry for tricks in 2006

I contacted Doctored Locks to find out about their specialty training courses and was fortunate enough to receive one on one training in advanced hair extending plus building architecture from the owner, Melinda Hurt.

My curiosity unabated

as there is always more to learn…I initiated a dialogue with Alin Leslie, owner of Dollylocks. I flew to Florida during 2007 to hone my natural dreadlock, synth dread, and human hair extension skill set.

After being employed by Scream

from 2005-2008, I incorporated Fiercelocks and began renting space out of the company’s Capitol Hill location. Then, as pressures of home life mounted around 2010, aka “2 teen children at one time”, necessity provoked the construction of a private studio at my residence and I began seeing my clients in North Bend, Wa. which increased my availability to my family while I kept my business going.

Late in 2014, I relocated to Spokane. Early in 2015, I completed a Canadian certification examination so that If I  wished I could easily offer service in British Columbia. At that time, B.C. was also part of the IPSN (International Professional Standards Network) earning me a certification for international practice.

I am a graduate of the Instructor of Cosmetology training program at Modify Beauty Academy.

I have maintained a Seattle client base as well as having built a base in Spokane. Presently, I’m focusing on Tacoma. I am an active artist creating wearable art, dolls, paintings, sketches…uniquely colored synth dreads etc…I am also building my own unique curriculum so that I can teach Fiercelocks methods to other industry professionals.

I am fortunate to have an extremely loyal following of longtime clients, and I am happy to provide service to new clients. Please check out my content and feel free to email if you would like elaboration on any of my service offerings.