How much for dreads, extensions, cut, color?: Fiercelocks Pricelist

String based time-tested methods for successfully creating and maintaining distinctive hair architecture.

*notice, I offer pinch braid attachment method*

Basic Dreadlock Maintenance (base tie) – $80 an hour

Enhanced Dreadlock Maintenance and Repair (base tie plus bulk hair) – $100 an hour

Hair Extension  Maintenance  (pinch braid) -$80 an hour

Natural Dreadlock Creation -$320 and up + Supply

Natural Dreadlock LENGTH Enhancement (pinch braid attachment ) $320 and up + supply cost

Natural Dreadlock VOLUME Enhancement (pinch braid) – $480 and up + supply cost

Synth Dread Highlights/Fillers x 10 (pinch braid) – $100 *on average

Synthetic Dreadlock Creation (pinch braid) – $560 and up + supply cost

Hair Extensions (brushable hair)  VOLUME (pinch braid) – $240 and up + supplies

Hair Extensions (brushable hair)  LENGTH (pinch braid)  – $480 and up  + supplies

 Fiercelocks  Hand Beaded Dreads – (vintage studs and crystal beads attached with special string) $60 per half hour

Fiercelocks Dual Texture Collage Art Hair Creation –  $120 per hour plus supply cost * usually human hair

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