etsy synth dreads fiercelocksinc dusty pink vintage rose rag a muffin vintage button synth dreads

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Synth Dread Hair Extensions on Etsy

 Click the link to see the fiercelocksinc store on Etsy. Fiercelocks sells the nicest softest synth dreads. They are wearable art!

etsy synth dreads hair extensions

Shapeshifter Professional Monofiber

Shapeshifter is the highest grade synthetic fiber available! Doctored Locks created this revolutionary product nearly a decade ago and Fiercelocks was one of the first jump on the shapeshifter bandwagon.

etsy synth dreads hair extensions
soft blonde ombre curls

Fiercelocks Synth Dreads are Double Ended

Fiercelocks creates DE or double end synth dreads. This means that each unit had two (2) dreadlock ends! I choose  DE because allowing two ends per unit results in more mobility and fullness.

etsy synth dreads hair extensions
natural dreads are 6 months old and lengthened with synth hair -A  little bang shaping and en embellished synth dread in front

Embellishments  by Dreadful Jonquil

Miss Dreadful has devloped a steadfast method for artful embellisments that behave sustainably. Nylon bonded string, like for basetie and pinchbraid services,  attaches her collected baubles. She sources Swarovski faceted crystal beads in 2 sizes. Jonquil is also skilled at finding coveted base metal vintage buttons in various tiny sizes and silver finishes.

etsy synth dread hair extensions
cooling the fiber to set the shape
etsy synth dread hair extensions
30 inch *custom cut and blended* ivory to canary transitional synth dreads enhancers
More on Nylon Bonded String

As mentioned above, nylon bonded string also attaches baseties and hair extensions. This string is the only reasonable choice for embellishing because of its superior resistance to everyday environmental factors. You can shampoo, swim in, and even tint your  embellished hair extensions without fear of losing the precious beads.

etsy synth dread hair extensions
the “dreadonator” in action

Tint your hair NOT the extensions

Tint fearlessly but not  mindlessly. Tint is for hair, you can not change  the color of your synthetic hair extensions with tint. Your embellished synth dreads will hold up beautifully with everyday wear and tear, however,  there is no reason to tax them unnecessarily with chemicals or excessive roughness.

etsy synth dread hair extensions
synth dread install pinchbraid method

More on Shapeshifter

Unlike inferior fibers, fiber art made with monofiber arrives soft and buttery. This product is designed to match the  denier and finish of natural hair. Your shapeshifter dreads will further stabilize as you wear them.


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