dreadperm is a great way to start natural dreads: Dreadperm creates baby dreadlocks in five hours

A dreadperm can offer complete dreadlock starts in 5 hours!

A dreadperm creates a baby dreadlock. Baby dreadlock means new dreads or dread starts. Baby dreadlock  is totally your next new band name! That’s a joke, in this reality baby dreadlock refers to an immature lock. The immature lock is actually a structure that will collect all your shed hair. Collect your shed hair inside of a structure and that structure matures into your actual dreadlock! An average human might shed an average of 200 hairs per day, this number does vary greatly with each person’s follicle density. That shed hair becomes the heart and soul of your dreadlocks as time passes and pressure from air and water assist its coalescence about your actively growing hair.

    A nylon bonded string called a base tie applies to each dreadlock base.

This string keeps your dreadlocks separated and even more importantly, encourages your shed hair to remain trapped in place. Every month you can observe about 1/2 inch of new dreadlock growth near your scalp. Base tie dreadlock maintenance occurs  every 8-12 weeks.


dreadperm creates dreadlocks
Classic dreadperm service for complete dreadlock starts including base tie to support developing dread bases.