Dreadlock Maintenance … Base Tie Method

base tie maintenance natural dreadlocks
Base tie maintenance natural dreadlocks. Notice, you cannot detect the sparely applied string at the base, but you can detect the overall neatness and strength of the locks.
Long natural dreadlocks
Long natural dreadlocks image summer 2015… begun in winter 2007 by way of regularly maintained synth dreads service
base tie string
base tie string

Specially designed string and a specific knot sequence bind any person’s naturally shed hair to the coinciding lock. Safely bound, the shed hair hardens within it’s coinciding lock over time. Along with natural pressure like pillow friction, wind, ponytails, petting, shampooing/swimming… this bound lock of shed hair hardens and ┬ábecomes a single unit; a dreadlock…. a lock of shed hair… nothing more, nothing less. Receiving basic maintenance every 1 inch of growth or 2 months ( hair grows 1/2 inch each month on average) will ensure that all shed is captured in perpetuity, resolving in a linear formation.

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