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How much for dreadlock maintenance, extensions, haircut, foil, color?: Dreadlock Maintenance & More; Fiercelocks Price list; Haircut Foil Color

Dreadlock Maintenance & More

 Fiercelocks Price list

Here is the basic price list for dreadlock maintenance and string based time-tested methods. Successfully create and maintain distinctive hair architecture. Fiercelocks offers pinchbraid attachment method for all hair extensions and basetie method for all natural dread maintenance.

Below are basic prices for service offerings. Basic dread maintenance is popular, Clients book 60-90 minutes for basic maintenance. First timers may need 90 minutes to 2 hours.

Basic Dread Maintenance (basetie) – $80 an hour
  • Enhanced Dread Maintenance and Repair (basetie plus bulk hair) – $100 an hour
  • Hair Extension  Maintenance  (pinchbraid) -$80 an hour
  • Natural Dread Creation /Dreadperm -$320 and up + Supply
  • Natural Dread LENGTH Enhancement (pinchbraid attachment ) $320 and up + supply cost
  • Natural Dread VOLUME Enhancement (pinchbraid) – $480 and up + supply cost
  • Synth Dread Highlights/Fillers x 10 (pinchbraid) – $100 *on average
  • Synthetic Dread Creation (pinchbraid) – $560 and up + supply cost
  • Hair Extensions (brushable hair)  VOLUME (pinchbraid) – $240 and up + supplies
  • Hair Extensions (brushable hair)  LENGTH (pinchbraid)  – $480 and up  + supplies
  • Fiercelocks  Hand Beaded Dreads – (vintage tribal buttons and crystal beads attached with special string) $60 per half hour
  • Fiercelocks Dual Texture Collage Art Hair Creation –  $120 per hour plus supply cost * usually human hair
  • Haircuts  –  $45 up to $80
  • Color  – re-touches and all over color start at $55
  • Foils $45 for a mini foil, popular in grey blending, and up

Description of services

A pinchbraid

is a tiny, 3 or 4 turn braid, that uses a nylon bonded special weight string or thread to attach a hair extension to natural hair.


refers to a form of natural dreadlock maintenance requiring a nylon bonded string to gather fuzzy new growth at the base of the dread. This string or thread is a supportive measure that encourages strong shed hair collection which yields strong dreadlock bases as well as consistent diameter in locks.

Enhanced maintenance

of dreads utilizes bulk hair fiber in a color that matches your natural dreads to stabilize weak and unruly areas of the lock.

Adding length to natural dreads

requires synthetic hair fiber and matching string/thread. A pinchbraid will attach synthetic fiber near the ends of your natural dreads and mimics the density and denier of what natural length would look like if you naturally grew it.

Filling out natural dreads

means that synthetic hair fiber anchors near the base of each natural dread using a pinchbraid. Each synth fiber lock forms to replicate more of your natural dreads resulting in an overall fuller look for your dreads.

haircut fiercelocks dreadful jonquil
Dreadful Jonquil in action during a haircut at Fiercelocks Seattle
bleach & tone or bleach & tint
A bright orange blend of special effects deposit only semi-permanent  color