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Contact Fiercelocks

Contact Fiercelocks about  dreads & extensions haircuts & color All services by design specialist,  artisanal hair architect Jonquil Dreadful owner of Fiercelocks.

Dreads & Extensions, Haircuts & Color  at Fiercelocks!

First, I’ll open with a welcome and a salutation to those who would like to explore artisanal hair architecture! Please let me know if I can further define what it is I offer.

Fiercelocks is looking forward to hearing from you

Query me about dreads & extensions, haircuts & color. Artisanal hair architecture literally means craftsman of hair building and design. I am Jonquil Dreadful and I design and build hair unique to it’s wearer.

Email or Phone

Please feel free to get in touch using email or text or a phone call. Fiercelocks will get back to you as soon as possible. Email is highly recommended for first-time dialogue. When you text 425-444-9520 please specify who you are. Phone calls are also okay. Fiercelocks will return emails/phone calls/text within a day.

~Jonquil E Dreadful at Fiercelocks

Tacoma & Seattle… plus the world, given the right opportunity

Fiercelocks phone number is (425)444-9520 and I invite possible clients to phone or text message.

Fiercelocks has two emails, please use either

Often sending an email can allow for an easier in depth dialogue. I leave the choice to you whether to message or email.

contact fiercelocks dreads extensions haircuts color
hair extensions created with synthetic feathers and shapeshifter professional monofiber. Image of Jonquil Dreadful owner and Contact of Fiercelocks.
Thank You for visiting my contact page

Phone, email, call and text are all great ways to contact me. I also am available on several social media platforms. Look for Jonquil Dreadful and Fiercelocks INC. Finally, If you enjoy shopping on Etsy check out my Etsy link button on my site for the most glorious wearable fiber art you’ve ever seen.

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