Professional Instruction Possibilities

Professional instruction of the techniques I employ will be available at some point.

If you are interested in learning a method that I offer, please contact me and I’ll see how I can work with you for education.

In late May of 2016, I passed my Washington state cosmetology instructor exam!*

I will eventually publish a  basic curriculum overview on this page. Working out these details requires some careful planning and thoughtful words.

Those interested in learning my preferred methods utilizing string and pinch braids like use of dread perms, natural dread maintenance with string,  pinch braids for synth dreads and  “brushable” hair extension application, as well as cultivating dreads through wear of synth dreads/synth dread creation and maintenance…etc… can email me about setting up a time and place to learn.

My overview will include A basic framework for how a class is structured, how many professional cosmetologists can attend, and non-negotiable education pricing plus supply/travel fees.

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