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hairstyles made of dreadlocks natural and synthetic: Dreadlocks Natural and Synthetic

Natural and synthetic dreadlocks are possible hairstyles for all hair types. Natural hair can be bound together to form tidy low profile locks. As well, synthetic fiber can be utilized to create dramatic high styles likening to a mermaid and other fantasy lore. Imagine wild and primitive fairies, otherworldly aliens, and beautiful things that go bump in the night.

Fiercelocks creates hair extensions and dreadlocks. When creating synthetic dreadlocks Jonquil uses a professional grade fiber, similar to fishing line, called Shapeshifter. Shapeshifter fiber mimics natural hair’s matte denier while still offering hair colors that don’t currently occur in nature on human heads.

Even better, the fiber can be blended to create more colors, you can totally personalize your palette with this fiber! Texture can be manipulated through heating up and cooling down, unlike natural hair which is reactive to wet and dry changes.

Fiercelocks attaches synthetic dreadlocks by way of pinchbraid which is a very tiny attachment braid sealed with nylon bonded thread. These attachments¬†stay in place until the thread is nipped, at which time the small braid is unwound and removed entirely. New thread is applied to “tighten” the pinchbraid if tightening is in order.

Synth dreads can be attached to natural dreads to add both fullness and length. You can choose one or the other as well as both. Be mindful that weight of extension hair can add up.

Below are some photos of synth dreads attached to natural dreads to create fullness and/or length.


natural blonde dreadlocks
About 20 synth dreads accent this head full of natural platinum dreadies
cobalt gem tone blue synth dread accents
I’ve also added synth length to some fallen dreads on this head…This is just a nice head of hair naturally though
wavy dusty synth palette to add interest to natural dreadlocks
Pretty summer palette of drained blues and pinks and a vintage tribal stud embellished accent
pinchbraid close up
A close-up Pinchbraid for attaching synth dreads to mature natural dreads
pinchbraid with shapeshifter monofiber
the pinchbraid is attached near the end of each natural dread. The loose fiber will be sculpted into lock structure.
long dreadlocks with synth hair
finished style after adding length using a pinchbraid and professional synth fiber