Pinch braid attachment method

A pinch braid is a hair extension attachment method that involves a small, subtle braid securely sealed near the scalp with a length of specially designed string.
No adhesives or hardware are used in this simple, hand tied hair extension fastening method.

I use a  pinch braid to attach synthetic hair and/or human hair to someone’s natural hair or dreadlock. With proper materials, this method can create additional color,texture,fullness, and length on loose “brushable” hair as well as dreadlocks.
Upkeep on this type of extension should occur every 8 weeks so that maximum volume and tidiness are maintained. With finer hair types, 6 weeks might be preferable. Maintenance involves carefully cutting each string and gently removing each pinch braid. New string is used to affix the extension back into place next to the scalp. In loose (loose = hair you can brush/brushable) hair projects, the build up of natural daily hair shed needs to be loosened and combed out of the attachment point to avoid dreadlock creation. When using extensions to support natural dreadlock development, the shed must be left in place. Your natural daily shed IS what becomes your dreadlock, a pinch braid attachment can be a fine vehicle for shed collection or just a superior method of hair extension attachment.

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