Artisanal Hair Architecture Dreads & Extensions Haircuts & Color

Artisanal Synth Dreads & Dread Extensions Hair Architecture: Artisanal Hair Architecture Dreads & Extensions Haircuts & Color

 Artisanal Hair Architecture Dreads & Extensions, Haircuts & Color,  Synth dreads & Dread extensions

First of all dreads and extensions are an architectural triumph. I am professionally trained to accomplish hair building feats! Fiercelocks creates artisanal hair architecture for distinctive individuals.

Artisanal hair architecture literally means skilled craftsman hair constructor.

 I offer availability in Tacoma and Seattle Washington. Basic Services include haircuts, color, texture, foils, and clipper cuts. Dreadlocks both natural and synthetic created and maintained using Fiercelocks methods. Fullness and length come together with string and skill.

Below are some of my work samples.

Since 2005 I have been collecting images of my creations. Consequently, there are hundreds of images online. Therefore check out Fiercelocks social media accounts. My social media icons are at the bottom of this page. Important to note, fiercelocksinc as well as dreadful jonquil are common labels for my work.

 I am a practicing hairdresser for 25 years.

I’m proud to announce I am licensed in cosmetology since 1993. Additionally, preparing for and passing a Canadian Cosmetology exam provided me a professional certification in British Columbia. Also noteworthy,  I have taught my skill set internationally. Furthermore,  I am also a licensed cosmetology instructor in the state of Washington while remaining dual licensed in Michigan.

String and a honed skill set are how I make hair magic!

At Fiercelocks a nylon bonded string creates new extensions and completes maintenance. Since it is resistant to mold growth, UV rays and submersion in water Fiercelocks uses special string. Hence, it behaves with perfect predictability time and time again.

On my site, I offer a blog, ample content, and availability.

 Available is a  basic price list. Additionally, you can also ask about your particular follicular characteristics. Feel free to send images of your styles length, texture, and color. I offer professional service and consults in Tacoma and Seattle Washington.

Dreads and Extensions  using string

Fiercelocks offers a unique skill set. String seals pinchbraid attached hair extensions.  Additionally, String is a major maintenance component for dreads. Due to safety and predictability,  our methods remain string based. Therefore you can expect consistent results with each service.